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De Vere Field Charter Flights and Air Charter Service

International Air Charter is able to handle all of your air charter services to or from De Vere Field. We will make sure that the flight you pick is the right one for you. The staff we use has years of experience in the air charter industry and will be sure that the flight you choose to or from De Vere Field is the right one for you.

De Vere Field Information

Location: Cle Elum, Washington

Type: Small Airport

Scheduled Service: No

Local Code: 2W1

GPS Code: 2W1

Elevation: 1800 Feet

Latitude: 47.1776

Longitude: -120.853

Runways at De Vere Field

De Vere Field has 1 runway.

1 2055 Feet30 FeetASPH-GYes

Don’t Think a Private Jet Charter is Out of the Question When Planning a Trip to Cle Elum

Even though renting a private jet plane is more expensive than taking a commercial flight, it has a lot of advantages that travelers are sure to enjoy.

Private jet businesses offers everything that is necessary for travelers to feel comfortable and happy throughout the whole flight. You can request for a butler if you desire, and you even have the power to choose what type of jet you want to be used for your travel.

With a private jet service, there is no need for you to follow any time schedule or be in the airport three hours before your flight because these companies operate 24/7. It only means that you have complete control over your schedule, and you can choose what time and date you want to depart.

In addition, if you are in a hurry to reach your destination city, chartering a private jet is the best optimal for you.

  Don’t Think a Private Jet Charter is Out of the Question When Planning a   Trip to Cle Elum

Of course, with private plane charter flights, you get away from airport crowds, avoid flight delays and cancellations, as well as those pesky security rules, all of that can change normal air travel into a mess. With private jet travel, you get a personal ground crew that handles your passport entrance and exit requirements and your luggage is personally taken care of for you. Whatever your private plane travel has charged you, it cannot equal your peace, convenience and small private hire, flight time in getting to your destination refreshed.

Private jets no longer maintain the image that only the rich can fly in this Manner. Families and managers, now rental, private jets. Private plane hires are adaptable. Private aircraft firms, due to their varied partnerships, can accommodate short travel notices, schedule or manage the last minute flight changes. If flying on business, traveling private plane hires permits you to work in a leisure atmosphere, with hand picked fellow travelers - no hassles and no delays. Private rental, jet workers can arrange your ground transportation, hotel accommodations and can even make your evening dining reservations.

People used to think that only rich people are the only ones who can afford to rent or use a private jet. However, things have swiftly changed. Even the middle class society is trying to keep up with the growing trend by renting a private jet instead of commercial plane flights.

For those of you who have been living under a rock, a private jet is a compact and small size plane. It only has a few number of seats, and it has a capacity of 4 to 20 people depending on its size. In addition, it was originally designed for those who travel all the time, and it is also called as a business plane.

Nowadays, anyone, regardless of the status in life, can charter a private jet plane for fun or travel to country. Although it is very expensive, you are sure to have the best time of your life.

A private jet has the peace of mind and reliability of partial ownership along with flexibility, and choice of private jet charter. You have access to over 2500 private jets; select the jet make and model; no up-front cost. International Air Charter boasts an online tool that can give you the information of the craft and questions and help in planning a flight. It exceeds private aircraft mandates. International Air Charter has all sizes of aircraft and customer service every day, all year round. It also has monitoring from the takeoff to landing at your destinationairport. It can also cater meals and provide on board amenities from internet connections, fax conference rooms and private sleeping areas. Charter flights can be arranged from private flights simultaneously. Time is saved through the onboard meetings and expedited board. The ground transportation will be arranged.