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Bell 407 Helicopter

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The Popular Bell 407 Helicopter

The Bell 407 helicopter is single engine model that is based on the 206L-4 LongRanger. The 407 is a great utility helicopter that is used is a wide variety of industries and for a multitude of uses.

Many companies utilize this model as a charter plan to get from one location to the other. It is a durable aircraft that is perfect for transporting people. It contains two flight seats and five additional passenger seats.

This particular model is relatively new. The 407 was first flown on June 29, 1995 and the first production model in flight was on November 10 of that same year. Full production began in 1996 after the aircraft was certified. The Bell company developed this model and others to replace the 206 model of helicopter.

The design itself is improved upon from the LongRanger model. The flight blades are composite constructed, so their lifespan is much longer. The fuselage itself is longer, which increases the internal cabin size and with a more powerful Rolls Royce engine, takeoff weight is increased and the 407 is able to function at higher altitudes and in more temperate locales.

Many law enforcement agencies such as the FBI utilize the 407. whether it is for police, fire, or business use this helicopter is a reliable and efficient machine.

Bell 407 Interior

Bell 407 Interior