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Challenger 601

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Challenger 601 Aircraft: Where Comfort Meets Power

Charter flights allow passengers to reach their destinations without the layovers and delays that are common to commercial airlines. One of the more popular charter aircraft choices is the Challenger 601, which can comfortably seat up to 10 passengers and handle a crew of 3. It offers a smooth, powerful and luxurious ride. This is ideal for business trip charters, where key corporate players avoid the distractions and limited privacy of commercial flights. There is ample space on this wide-body jet for working and relaxing en route to the selected destination. For those who prefer pleasure trips over business, the Challenger 601 discreetly transports friends or family members to weddings, championship games or much-needed weekend getaways.


Flights on the Challenger 601 feature the little extras that make this charter flight even more comfortable than the standard private jet. A small galley makes refreshments and snacks an option. There is room to walk about the cabin and adequate window space for viewing the scenery below. The aircraft also hosts a full-service lavatory, baggage compartments, entertainment systems and high-line safety features.


The Challenger 601 has a flight range of 3,790 miles. It easily performs cross-country and international destination flights at speeds up to 540 miles per hour. The cabin is 93 1/2 feet long, 20 feet high and nearly 27 feet wide. Due to its size, the aircraft is eligible for service to and from thousands more airports than its larger commercial counterparts. The Challenger 601 is a technologically advanced model of the Challenger 600, which was designed by avionics leader Bill Lear and produced first by Canadair, then by its corporate successor, Bombardier Aerospace.

In conclusion, the Challenger 601 aircraft combines power, convenience and comfort for those who prefer private charter jet service to commercial air travel.

Challenger 601 Interior

Challenger 601 Interior

Challenger 601 Layout

Challenger 601 Layout