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Private jet charters are a wonderful option for getting you where you need to go in a hurry. These flights are flown by the very best pilots in the world those who have not only extra flight experience but an exemplary safety record as well. Customer service in this industry well surpasses anything that you may have ever experienced in the travel industry before and every need and desire you have for your air travel will be addressed with the greatest of ease. You will find that a private jet charter flight of any size will accommodate all your travel needs and will include not only your travel while high above the ground but any additional arrangements that you will need when you land as well.

When it comes to selecting a private jet charter for your needs if you are going only a short distance like a trip of approximately 280-580 miles and are traveling with a very small group or alone then you will likely select a helicopter to make your journey in. These incredible aircraft travel at speeds up to 195 miles per hour, which is quite quick and when you are traveling to a nearby location this will get you where you are heading in comfort and with the greatest possible ease of service.

Helicopters are designed to carry from 3-8 passengers comfortably and honestly if you find yourself traveling with a larger entourage then you will likely want to select from one of the larger classes of aircraft that are available. These aircrafts are the ones that are most commonly selected for personal charter very simply because of their size and styling. They work well for local travel and you will find that private charter companies usually offer quite a selection of Helicopters and Jets to choose from in this range because of the popularity of this smaller size plane and of course its lower price tag.

In this category you are likely to find incredible planes such as Bell 407, Augusta 109, or the MD 902 each of which works excellently for a smaller party traveling more locally. And some prefer the Eurocopter, Sikorsky S-76, Bell Jet Ranger, or even the Bell Long Ranger which all are also considered to be part of this class of aircraft as well. There are many different crafts to choose from and you will find that there are many wonderful features to each of these incredible helicopters.

Each charter service may offer a variety of different vessels in this category but the most popular ones have been outlined above. When you let the reservations specialist know your exact needs they can help you to select the plane that will best suit your party as well as the distance and speed at which you need to travel. It is for this reason that you are best off consulting with a private charter specialist when booking a flight so that they can help you figure out the correct jet for your specific needs since several variables will need to be factored in and size of your party is only one factor.

Not only do helicopters offer a wonderful way to get to a local destination quickly and without the hassles of traffic and such but helicopter charters also work well for touring smaller areas such as overlooking a landmark or major city at night or exploring the shoreline in your favorite destination. Personal charter flights don’t only have to be used for transportation and in many cases they are a wonderful way to sightsee in a spectacular region. Many like getting the bird’s eye view of the ground below while sipping champagne while tower above New York City or overlooking the Grand Canyon.

Helicopter charters offer many different experiences for small parties that are looking to travel around and serve as a good way to simplify travel around a big city or larger metropolitan area where driving can just be a real headache. These smaller charter crafts offer a lot of benefits for smaller local travel because they are easy to get into and out of smaller areas. Most people find that when selecting a craft for around town travel and for smaller more intimate parties that a helicopter offers groups of up to 8 people a slightly less expensive option for their needs.

When it comes to flying there is no experience quite like a private jet charter. It is one that will well surpass your wildest dreams and take you to places high above the clouds. Helicopter charters offer a smaller option for those traveling short distances or with just a small party but there are a full range of charters including those that will travel far overseas and will carry an entire party of passengers if you so desire. Each charter experience is different very simply because each vessel and customer contributes in its own way to the flight experience.