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Citation II

augusta 109

The Cessna Citation II passenger jet is a member of the 550 model series. These light weight corporate jets transport passengers and small amounts of cargo. Two pilots can fly the plane. There were only 603 built before the model was discontinued. The aircraft will carry ten passengers when configured in passenger mode.

The craft has flight ceiling of 43,000 feet. It can fly true at 350 knots. It has a 2500 feet per minute climb rate and can reach 30,000 feet in 20 minutes. The craft weighs 8,000 pounds empty with a maximum weight of 14,500 pounds. The wing span is 51 feet and the craft is 47 feet long. There are rear baggage doors with 947 cubic feet of baggage and 28 cubic feet of nose baggage.

The craft features twin-engines with remote sensing imagery. There aircraft can be modified to meet scientific and military needs. It has sufficient space to carry two pilots, two scientists and a large equipment rack. With less equipment, the passenger count can be increased. One thing unique to this plane is the side-by-side dual sensor camera ports. Two ports can simultaneously collect data. Glass flats keep the cabin pressurized. There are also two GPS antennas from which receivers can get exceptional signals.

The Citation II is frequently used by the National Geodetic Survey Department, to collect data on coastal mapping and remote research. NOAA uses this information to update nautical charts. It is also used as an emergency response aircraft during hurricanes. It can collect digital photography of areas hit by a hurricane landfall. The craft is also still used as a charter plane to corporations and private passengers.

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