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Citation III/VI/VII

augusta 109

For those who travel great distances for work and meetings, commercial airline travel can become quite an inconvenience. Not only can commercial travel be an inconvenience, but it will also become a significant expense for companies who have the need for frequent travel. Many corporations have decided to purchase their own jet to off-set some of the expenses of airline travel and many turn to either the Cessna Citation series for their chosen form of air travel. The Cessna Citation series features three passenger jets, the Citation III, the Citation IV, and the Citation VII.

Citation III

The Citation III was the first of this series created. The III series features air travel in style with all leather seating, plenty of compartment room for passengers to relax, and a cargo bay that can hold a large payload. The Citation III holds six passengers comfortably but in emergency situations can be re-configured to seat up to nine people. The Citation III was discontinued in 1992 with a total of 202 aircraft in circulation.

Citation VI

The Citation IV was created to up-grade the smaller Citation III. Although a Citation IV was scheduled to be built, 1989 would see the scrap of that project to place all of their attention on the Citation VI. The VI has numerous up-grades from the III series including larger passenger space and a larger fuel tank taking the Citation VI farther than other private jets of its class.

Citation VII

The Citation VII was created to trump up-grade the smaller Cessna jets and would actually trump its competition as well. With larger engines, the Citation VII is able to fly longer and faster than any other jet in its class and soars past Leerjet, its closest competitor at over 25 knots more per hour.

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