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Eurocopter: The New Private Jet

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Made by the Eurocopter Group and owned by the European Aeronautic, Defense and Space Company--one of the largest aerospace companies in the world--the Eurocopter is an aircraft that doesn't leave much to be desired.

Eurocopters are not only equipped with some of the most innovative technology plus engines that use minimal amounts of fuel, but they are also extremely reliable. Eurocopters are used for civil and private services, as well as in the military.

The Eurocopter: What You Can Expect

With plus leather seating for up to four passengers and a cruise speed of up to 155 MPH, the Eurocopter is ideal for business executives. In fact, the Eurocopter is seen as a great alternative to private jet charters.

However, non-business travelers may benefit as well. The Eurocopter is also available for private charter for vacationers and tourists who are simply interested in a unique travel experience.

What Makes the Eurcopter So Unique

The Eurocopter is also unique in the sense that it is able to land on helipads, which are often made available on many building rooftops. Private jets, on the other hand, are bound to airports only.

For the seasoned business traveler who works for companies that own helipads, traveling is made a whole lot easier. Plus, the Eurocopter is often more readily available than a chartered jet and may be reserved with little advance notice.

Eurocopter Interior

Eurocopter Interior