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The Gulfstream VI Sets the Bar in Business Aviation

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Most business flyers admire it from a distance, but the fortunate travelers who have an opportunity to fly on one never forget the experience. The Gulfstream VI also known as G650 is the most sophisticated business jet on the market. The G650 is capable of carrying four crew members and eight passengers on a non-stop 7,000 nautical mile journey.

That means business executives can fly from Dubai to New York without stopping or non-stop from Buenos Aires to London at a speed of Mach 0.85. The powerful BR 725 Rolls Royce engines can cruise at a speed of Mach 0.95 for short flights, and the take-off and landing performance is precisely executed even on a field length of 6,000 feet.

The G650 is equipped with exceptional safety features like the Enhanced Vision System (EVS), The Synthetic Vision-Primary Flight Display (SV-PFD), and the Head-up Display. The Planeview ll cockpit is equipped with Automatic Emergency Descent Mode, Triplex Flight Management System, 3-D weather radar, and a full array of next generation flight controls that enhance pilot awareness and safety.

The Cabin Environment is in a Class of Its Own

The cabin of the G650 was designed from the inside out, which means it’s taller, wider, and longer than its competitors. This state-of-the-art aircraft is equipped with a full kitchen and bar as well as a variety of entertainment features like wireless Internet and satellite phones.

There are twelve different floor plans. These plans can include a four place conference table with two additional seats across the aisle for sky high 6 person meetings. The seats are wider, there’s more aisle room, and a large stateroom option is available for long flights.

The G650 is considered the next generation in business travel since the aircraft controls are completely fly-by-wire, which means there's no mechanical control between flight surfaces and the pilots. The surfaces are moved by a hydraulic system. Weighting less than 100,000 pounds the G650 can land at small airports which is a major league plus for business travelers who want to avoid congested airports around the world.

Gulfstream VI Interior

Gulfstream Iii Interior

Gulfstream VI Layout

Gulfstream Iii Layout