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Light Jets

Let’s face it most people come to a private jet charter company and they are looking for just that the perfect jet to meet their travel needs and this is of course why private jet companies offer such a wide variety of jets to meet a wide variety of customer needs and expectations. When you are looking to impress clients, family members, or even that special someone a light jet may be just what you are looking for.

Just as with many private charter flights a light jet flight will offer you all the convenience of travel on your own schedule as well as top notch service every step of the way. You will of course want to make your reservations as soon as possible to ensure that you get to select the perfect lightweight jet for your travel needs and particular party that will be traveling with you. Each jet offers its own features and when shopping around a private charter website you will find descriptions of each individual aircraft as well as many different pictures that will allow you to truly experience all that each jet has to offer. They will even delineate for you the speed of travel, number of miles that each jet can travel before needing to refuel as well as how many passengers each vessel can hold.

In many cases cabin size as well as other features will be delineated. Take for instance those jets in the light jets section. These aircrafts are designed to carry 5-8 passengers on a jet that can travel up to 2000 miles in many cases before it needs to refuel and can maintain a speed of 400-460 miles per hour. Light Jets are designed for both business and leisure travel and they are actually the best option on the market for those looking for a small group charter flight.

Most customers enjoy the size of a light jet because it is quite a bit larger than those aircraft that are in the helicopter class and this makes them feel a bit more secure when they are in the air. For some travelers they want a plane with a little more substance even when they are booking a small jet charter and the light jet class is just the right one to make them feel a tad more secure.

Actually when it comes to private jet charter flights they are actually quite safe and secure with an overall safety record that well exceeds commercial airline industry standards. Private charter flights are still overseen by the FAA but they strive to well exceed the minimum requirements that are set forth. As a matter of fact, because this is such a service based industry most flight crews have superceded in flight minimums several times over. These flights are the safest and most secure in the industry and the fact of the matter is that smaller aircraft such as light jets are actually more easily navigated and directed then larger jets and commercial airliners are. So while most individuals feel that the larger aircrafts will help to keep them safer the truth is actually that they are much safer on a private charter flight then they are on any commercial airline flight.

Not to mention how much more enjoyable it is to fly at this level of comfort and arrive at your destination relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated. With a private charter flight you are likely to feel that your holiday has begun even before you have left the ground unlike with commercial airlines where you have to waste two entire travel days getting stressed out and spend two more days unwinding from the horrific experience. Private charter flights are truly a joy from beginning to end.

Light Jets meet the needs of many executive travelers, as these flights seem to be about the right size for many and offer much flexibility to those looking to make the most of their time in the air. With such a luxurious cabin that has so much to offer it is likely that you will look forward to your small charter flight when it is on a light jet. In this class alone there are at least 12 different aircrafts to choose from and with the help of a trained customer service agent you will be able to select the in flight experience that best suits the needs of your particular party. Whether you are in need of a quiet business like setting or some movies to help keep the children entertained while in the air you are likely to find that whatever accommodations you need can be handled for you when you book your private jet charter light jet flight.

Private charter flights offer many perks for their passengers and by far some of the best ones come in the form of a well trained and knowledgeable staff that makes you feel that you are in charge. And with a private charter company you are.