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Medium Jets

Some turn to the private jet charter companies to get away from the commercial airlines and from all the hassles, security checkpoints, and other mishaps that seem to occur day in and day out in the commercial airline industry and others simply turn to the private charter industry very simply because it has such an excellent reputation. Whether you are running from overcrowded commercial airline flights or you are running to a superior level of service you are very likely to fall in love with the private jet charter industry.

For many years it has been an industry that is completely customer based and this means that your needs and desires come ahead of everything else and as a result you will find that the word no is not used very often in the industry. It is this stellar philosophy that has more people flying on private jet charters today then in prior years. And those who make the switch don’t dare go back to flying commercially after all, it offers very little to those who travel.

Medium jets are those that tend to be a step up from light jets but ones that are a little smaller and less luxurious than those of Super Medium Jets. The jets that fall into the medium jet range are those that are designed to carry a minimum of 6 passengers and a maximum of 9 passengers with an average speed of 450-560 miles per hour. These jets are meant for slightly longer journeys than those of light jets and can run for a range of 2200-2800 miles at a time before having to stop and refuel. And when you need a mode of transport that can go the distance you will likely find that a medium jet is one that offers you a smooth and uneventful flight each and every time.

Selecting a private jet charter is choosing to travel via the very best possible means available. When it comes to service, dependability, as well as adaptability this industry has it all. From the moment you call the private jet charter company you will find out exactly why this is a first class service from beginning to end. You will be treated with the utmost respect and your requests will not only be heard but will be granted as well. It is important to realize that while other companies may acknowledge your requests they usually do little to try and meet your specific needs. Private charter flights are those designed to provide you with a superior experience and thus they will provide you with whatever services you need to ensure that you have a perfect travel experience.

And once you have booked your very first medium jet flight with a private charter company you will find that they keep all your information and preferences handy so when you need them again the process is even more simplified. They strive not only to meet your needs but also to exceed your expectations and get to know you as an individual. This allows them to not only meet the specifications you set forth but to begin to know what you are and are not looking for from your flight experience.

There are a full range of medium jets to choose from and you are very likely to find that these work exceptionally well for business travel but also can service an active family as well. Most jets house their own lavatory, full entertainment system, and if you are traveling for a long enough period to warrant it you are likely to want to enjoy a snack or a deliciously prepared gourmet meal. Medium private jets allow you and your fellow passengers quite a bit of room to relax and some take full advantage of their time in the air by bringing along for the ride their own personal masseuse, hairdresser, or nail professional. There is no reason to let all that extra time you have while traveling be wasted away when you can use it to allow yourself some extra perks. Without having to stop, experience layovers and plane changes, etc. you will likely find that you can use your time in the air to do some of the things you enjoy. Once on board your flight you won’t have to get off until you arrive at your destination so you can even use this time to take a nap if you so desire.

Medium jets offer benefits for many travelers and work as well for corporate executives on a major business venture as they do for a small family getaway. Taking a trip on a medium jet allows you the freedom to relax while you are in the air and this means that no matter where you are going or why you will arrive to your destination, happy, relaxed, and ready to face the days ahead whether they will be filled with work, play, or a little of both is completely up to you.