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Super Medium Jets

Private jet charters offer travelers the opportunity to experience a better class of air transport. Most have become complacent to being treated like a nobody but when the commercial airlines are making you suffer through each and every travel day it is important to know that you have another option. You can fly with a company that knows how to provide you with on time, superior service each and every time, a company that will go the distance for you and will deliver you exactly what you are looking for from your travel days.

Many companies are turning to private jet charters for all of their corporate needs especially since in a failing economy companies don’t want to be seen traveling all around in company owned aircraft. Using a private jet charter service affords them the same comforts of having their own private fleet of planes standing by for travel on a moments notice without become spectacles of overspending the public eye. After all, this is something that is definitely frowned upon by the general public and it actually does save corporate America quite a bit to utilize private charter services in place of maintaining their own fleet of planes very simply because they are only paying for this service as they are using it and not all year round.

Super Medium Jets are those that fall in the category between Medium Jets and Heavy Jets and offer a great deal of benefits when it comes to executive travel. These jets are perfect for medium to large charter groups and fly at speeds of up to 525 miles per hour. They fly up to 9 passengers but most people try to book a plane that can hold a few extra people above the number that they are transporting simply to ensure that everyone has enough room to move about and be comfortable. Since most of these Super Medium Jets offer a lavatory and full galley, the amount of room in the cabin itself is usually not an issue and most are amazed at the true interior size on some of these smaller aircrafts.

On average a Super Medium Jet will take you for a range of 3200-3600 miles before needing to refuel and this is the reason why it is so important to make sure that everyone is comfortable on this longer flight especially if you are trying to hold a business meeting or to prepare a strategy for an upcoming client meeting. A Super Medium Jet will allow you the comfort to relax, the style to make you feel right at home, and the silence to do the work or hold a meeting without having the holler over the roar of the engine. Smaller jets work well when traveling shorter distances but when you are traveling for business and planning to get some work done on the way to that conference you don’t want to get stressed out when trying to hear your coworkers and a Super Medium Jet will afford that board room feel while you are in the air.

There are many different reasons why corporate America and corporations around the world are choosing private charter flights for all their needs. It is by far the most practical way to make the most of your air travel time without being encumbered by other passengers, screaming babies, and other distractions. When you fly on a private charter flight you can design the flight plan that works best for your staff in an environment that it conducive to getting some work done as well as getting the headspace they need to prepare for that big meeting or presentation. More and more businesses are going global and while this does increase the need to travel there is no reason why you can’t do so in a private jet instead of on a commercial airliner where you can enjoy your time and get more accomplished while in the air.

Whether you choose to fly on the Citation X or to transport your staff to the meeting on the Gulfstream G200 it is likely that you will discover that this is the most sensible way to make the most of your time and money. Some companies opt to keep a variety of different aircraft and a flight crew on hand while others have found that they can accomplish the same thing without having to maintain their own fleet. Flying below the radar, so to speak is helping to keep their employees who have to travel happy while avoiding public scrutiny for the expenditures they make and it is for this reason that many companies find private jet charters and especially Super Medium Jets as the best mode of transportation for their staff and a superior and hassle free way to provide executive transportation.