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No Matter What Santiago Municipal Airport You are Flying to, a Private Jet Charter is Your Best Choice

In the world today, everyone is busy with either work or pleasure. It becomes a real hassle for one to travel through the air since it is only growing to be more costly and annoying for every person. Every traveler is looking to find an alternative or a solution when it comes to meeting with his or her requirements avoiding the regular commercial air travel. Therefore, the perfect solution and an answer to all your problems is chartering a private aircraft.

Having to use an air charter service is nothing but having to fly in a lot of style. If you are not sure of what it is then you must think of how politicians, celebrities and very affluent people get to travel. These folks normally do not tend to make use of the traditional airline services; it is not practical when it comes to issues concerning their safety, convenience and how frequent they travel. These influential people have their own carrier or they just rent out a luxury craft for their travelling purpose. An average person cannot even dream of having to own a private jet every during their lifetime, renting one out would definitely make more sense as it is realistic. Even if you are not one of the richest persons of the world, you can easily get to charter a flight if you have the right kind of tools. One of the largest reasons of making use of an air charter service is owing to how convenient it is to get to your destination city.

  No Matter What Santiago Municipal Airport You are Flying to, a Private Jet   Charter is Your Best Choice

Here lies a wrinkle in private plane hire, flying. Gaining momentum versus a legislation that will noticeably hamper private plane charters, is the Large Aircraft Security Program (LASP). This proposed rule directly goes after private jet hires, joining them to the national security regulations for all air flights. If the LASP is approved, some of the changes will be:

Having a private jet aircraft was once reserved for oil barrens, business moguls and rock and roll bands. A private jet is pricey, it requires continuing maintenance, pilot salaries are high and federal hoops are in place to jump through concerning airworthiness and safety regulations. For individuals and even many businesses, the cost of buying and maintaining a private jet is out of reach and not cost effective. A viable alternative may be private jet charters.

Large Airports in Dominican Republic

Las Américas International Airport
Airport NameCityAirport Code
Santo DomingoSDQ

Medium Airports in Dominican Republic

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Arroyo Barril International AirportArroyo BarrilEPS
Cabo Rojo AirportCabo RojoCBJ
Casa De Campo International AirportLa RomanaLRM
Cibao International AirportSantiagoSTI
Gregorio Luperon International AirportPuerto PlataPOP
La Isabela International AirportLa IsabelaJBQ
Maria Montez International AirportBarahonaBRX
Punta Cana International AirportPunta CanaPUJ
San Isidro Air BaseSan IsidroMDSI

Small Airports in Dominican Republic

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Azua AirportAzuaMDAD
Boca Chica AirportBoca ChicaMDBL
Constanza Dom Re AirportCostanzaCOZ
Consuelo Batey Anita airportConsueloMDBA
Cotui Angelina AirportCotui AngelinaMDAN
Dajabon AirportDajabonMDDJ
Herrera AirportSanto DomingoHEX
Higuey AirportHigueyMDBG
La Romana Batey Cacata airportLa RomanaMDBC
La Romana Batey Lechuga AirportLa RomanaMDBE
Monte Cristi AirportMonte CristiMTC
Sabana de Mar AirportSabana de MarSNX
Samana El Portillo AirportSamanaMDPO
Samaná El Catey International AirportSamanaAZS
San Juan AirportSan JuanSJM
San Juan De La Maguana AirportSan Juan de la MaguanaMDSA
San Pedro De Macoris AirportSan Pedro de MacorisMDBM
Santiago Municipal AirportSantiagoSTI