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The variation relating to private jet charters and commercial

   The variation relating to private jet charters and commercial

Here is a crimp in private aircraft charter, flying. Gathering momentum against a legislation that could noticeably hamper private plane charters, is the Large Aircraft Security Program (LASP). This proposed rule directly goes after private plane charters, connecting them to the national security rules for all air travel. If the LASP is passed, some of the changes will include:

There are three types of jets that can be used for both business and pleasure.

The first type is called the Light Business Jet, and it can seat four to eight people. It costs more than $2,000 per hour, and some of the examples of this type of jet are the Citation Bravo, BeechJet 400, Learjet 35, and West Wind.

Medium Type Jets are the second type of private jet planes, and it usually has a capacity of eight to 12 people. With this type of jet, expect to pay $2,500 to $3,500 per hour. Citation X, Falcon 20, Hawker 700, and Learjet 60 are only a few examples of this type.

Lastly, Heavy Jets are the hugest private jet planes around. It can hold up to 25 people, and it can cost up to $13,000 each hour to charter. Challenger 604, Boeing Business Jet, and Falcon 900 exemplify this type.Any of these will get you to your destination city efficiently.

Having a private jet aircraft was once reserved for oil barrens, business moguls and rock and roll bands. A private jet is costly, it requires continuing maintenance, pilot salaries are high and federal hoops are in place to jump through concerning airworthiness and safety regulations. For individuals and even many companies, the cost of buying and maintaining a private jet is out of reach and not cost effective. A viable alternative may be private jet charters.

Making use of a private jet only means that you get to be in charge of your own trip while traveling. This is also the best way of getting into control and handling your travel requirements. When you have a flight booked you will also get to decide how you will be traveling, the destination city and traveling in class, comfort and luxury. You will come to realize how wonderful it is to travel on a private jet only when you go through the stress and nightmares of a commercial aircraft.

Large Airports in Indonesia

Hasanuddin International AirportJuanda International AirportNgurah Rai (Bali) International AirportSoekarno-Hatta International Airport
Airport NameCityAirport Code
Ujung Pandang-Celebes IslandUPG
Denpasar-Bali IslandDPS

Medium Airports in Indonesia

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Aek Godang AirportPadang Sidempuan-Sumatra IslandAEG
Babo AirportBabo-Papua IslandBXB
Binaka AirportGunung Sitoli-Nias IslandGNS
Bubung AirportLuwok-Celebes IslandLUW
Dumatumbun AirportLanggur-Seram IslandLUV
Fakfak AirportFakfak-Papua IslandFKQ
Frans Kaisiepo AirportBiak-Supiori IslandBIK
Halim Perdanakusuma International AirportJakartaHLP
Hang Nadim AirportBatam IslandBTH
Husein Sastranegara International AirportBandung-Java IslandBDO
Japura AirportRengat-Sumatra IslandRGT
Kaimana AirportKaimana-Papua IslandKNG
Kasiguncu AirportPoso-Celebes IslandPSJ
Ketapang(Rahadi Usman) AirportKetapang-Borneo IslandKTG
Lhok Sukon AirportLhok Sukon-Sumatra IslandLSX
Minangkabau AirportKetaping/Padang-Sumatra IslandPDG
Mopah AirportMerauke-Papua IslandMKQ
Moses Kilangin AirportTimika-Papua IslandTIM
Mutiara AirportPalu-Celebes IslandPLW
Nabire AirportNabire-Papua IslandNBX
Naha AirportTahuna-Sangihe IslandNAH
Nanga Pinoh I AirportNanga Pinoh-Borneo IslandNPO
Padang Kemiling (Fatmawati Soekarno) AirportBengkulu-Sumatra IslandBKS
Pangsuma AirportPutussibau-Borneo IslandPSU
Pattimura Airport, AmbonAmbonAMQ
Pendopo AirportTalang Gudang-Sumatra IslandPDO
Pinang Kampai AirportDumai-Sumatra IslandDUM
Pitu AirportGotalalamo-Morotai IslandOTI
Polonia International AirportMedan-Sumatra IslandMES
Ranai AirportRanai-Natuna Besar IslandNTX
Rendani AirportManokwari-Papua IslandMKW
Sam Ratulangi AirportManado-Celebes IslandMDC
Sentani AirportJayapura-Papua IslandDJJ
Sepinggan International AirportBalikpapan-Borneo IslandBPN
Sintang(Susilo) AirportSintang-Borneo IslandSQG
Sorong (Jefman) AirportSorong-Papua IslandSOQ
Sultan Iskandarmuda AirportBanda Aceh-Sumatra IslandBTJ
Sultan Khairun Babullah AirportSango-Ternate IslandTTE
Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin Ii AirportPalembang-Sumatra IslandPLM
Sultan Syarif Kasim Ii (Simpang Tiga) AirportPekanbaru-Sumatra IslandPKU
Supadio AirportPontianak-Borneo IslandPNK
Tabing AirportPadang-Sumatra IslandPDG
Tunggul Wulung AirportCilacap-Java IslandCXP
Wamena AirportWamena-Papua IslandWMX
Warukin AirportTanjung-Borneo IslandTJG
Zugapa AirportZugapa-Papua IslandZGP

Small Airports in Indonesia

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Abdul Rachman AirportMalang-Java IslandMLG
Abresso AirportRansiki-Papua IslandRSK
Achmad Yani AirportSemarang-Java IslandSRG
Adi Sumarmo Wiryokusumo AirportSukarata(Solo)-Java IslandSOC
Adi Sutjipto International AirportYogyakarta-Java IslandJOG
Agats AirportAgats-Papua IslandWAKG
Amahai AirportAmahai-Seram IslandAHI
Andi Jemma AirportMasamba-Celebes IslandMXB
Anggi AirportAnggi-Papua IslandAGD
Apalapsili AirportApalapsili-Papua IslandAAS
Arso AirportArso-Papua IslandARJ
Aru AirportFekfetal / Jerdera-Trangan IslandWA1B
Ayawasi AirportAyawasi-Papua IslandAYW
Bade AirportBade-Papua IslandBXD
Bajawa Padhameleda AirportBajawaBJW
Balikpapan AirportSeppingan-Borneo IslandWRLL
Banaina AirportBanaina-Borneo IslandNAF
Banda Airport, KepulauanBanda IslandWAPC
Bandanaira AirportBandanaira-Naira IslandNDA
Banding Agung AirportPasar Bandingagung-Sumatra IslandWIPD
Banyumas AirportBanyumas-Java IslandWIAP
Barau(Kalimaru) AirportTanjung Redep-Borneo IslandBEJ
Batom AirportBatom-Papua IslandBXM
Batu Licin AirportBatu Licin-Borneo IslandBTW
Batujajar AirportBandung-Java IslandWIIB
Bengkayang AirportBengkayang-Borneo IslandWIOB
Bentayan AirportBentayan-Sumatra IslandWIPY
Berau AirportSokan-Borneo IslandID-0008
Beringin AirportMurateweh-Borneo IslandMTW
Betoambari AirportBau Bau-Butung IslandBUW
Biak Manuhua AirportBiak-Supiori IslandWABU
Boalang AirportBoalang-Celebes IslandBJG
Bokondini AirportBokondini-Papua IslandBUI
Bontang AirportBontang-Borneo IslandBXT
Budiarto AirportTangerang-Java IslandWICB
Bula AirportBula-Seram IslandWAPB
Buluh Tumbang (H A S Hanandjoeddin) AirportTanjung Pandan-Belitung IslandTJQ
Buntok AirportBuntok-Borneo IslandWRBU
Bunyu AirportBunju IslandBYQ
Buol AirportBuol-Celebes IslandUOL
Cepu AirportTjepu-Java IslandCPF
Cibeureum AirportTasikmalaya-Java IslandTSY
Cilacap Wulung AirportCilacap-Java IslandID-0004
Dabo AirportPasirkuning-Singkep IslandSIQ
Dabra AirportDabra-Papua IslandDRH
Datadawai AirportDatadawai-Borneo IslandDTD
Dewadaru - Kemujan IslandWARU
Dobo AirportDobo-Kobror IslandDOB
Dominique Edward Osok AirportSorong-Papua IslandWAXX
Dr Ferdinand Lumban Tobing AirportSibolga-Sumatra IslandWIMS
El Tari AirportKupang-Timor IslandKOE
Elelim AirportElelim-Papua IslandELR
Emalamo Sanana AirportSanana-Seram IslandSQN
Enarotali AirportEnarotali-Papua IslandEWI
Ende (H Hasan Aroeboesman) AirportEnde-Flores IslandENE
English Madeira airportBaucau-Timor IslandBCH
Ewer AirportEwer-Papua IslandEWE
Gading Wonosari AirportWonosari-Java IslandWI1G
Gag Island AirportGag IslandGAV
Gamarmalamo AirportGalela-Celebes IslandGLX
Gatot Subrato AirportBatu Raja-Sumatra IslandWIPO
Gebe AirportGebe IslandGEB
Gewayentana AirportLarantuka-Flores IslandLKA
Gunung Batin AirportAstraksetra-Sumatra IslandAKQ
Haliwen AirportAtambua-Timor IslandABU
Helvetia AirportHelvetia-Sumatra IslandWIMH
Illaga AirportIllaga-Papua IslandILA
Ilu AirportIlu-Papua IslandIUL
Inanwatan AirportInanwatan Airport-Papua IslandINX
Iskandar AirportPangkalanbun-Borneo IslandPKN
Iswahyudi AirportMadiun-Java IslandWARI
Jailolo/Kuripasai AirportKuripasai-Celebes IslandWAMD
Jalaluddin AirportGorontalo-Celebes IslandGTO
Juwata AirportTarakan IslandTRK
Kalabahi AirportKalabahi-Alor IslandWRKM
Kalijati AirportKalijati-Java IslandWIIK
Kambuaya AirportKambuaya-Papua IslandKBX
Kamur AirportKamur-Papua IslandKCD
Kao AirportKao-Celebes IslandKAZ
Karimunjawa AirportKarimunjawa-Karimunjawa IslandKWB
Karubaga AirportKarubaga-Papua IslandKBF
Kebar AirportKebar-Papua IslandKEQ
Keisah AirportKeisah-Papua IslandKEA
Kelila AirportKelila-Papua IslandLLN
Keluang AirportKeluang-Sumatra IslandKLQ
Kepi AirportKepi-Papua IslandKEI
Kerinici airportKerinici-Sumatra IslandKRC
Ketapang AirportKetapang-Madura IslandID-0005
Kijang AirportTanjung Pinang-Bintan IslandTNJ
Kimaam AirportKimaamKMM
Kiman AirportKiman-Papua IslandKMM
Kisar AirportKisar-Kisar IslandWAPQ
Kisaran AirportKisaran-Sumatra IslandWIML
Kobok AirportModjid-Celebes IslandWA98
Kokonau AirportKokonau-Papua IslandKOX
Kolaka AirportKolaka-Celebes IslandWAAP
Komodo (Mutiara II) AirportLabuan Bajo-Flores IslandLBJ
Komoro AirportDili-Timor IslandDIL
Kon AirportKon-Timor IslandKCI
Kornasoren AirfieldKornasoren-Numfoor IslandFOO
Kotabangun AirportKotabangun-Borneo IslandKOD
Kotamubagu AirportKotamubagu-Celebes IslandWAMB
Kuala Pembuang AirportKuala PembuangWAOL
Kuala Tungkal AirportKuala Tungkal-Sumatra IslandWIPF
Labuhan Bilik AirportLabuhan Bilik-Sumatra IslandWIMA
Larat, Kepulauan LaratKepulauan LaratWAPO
Lasikin AirportLubang-Simeulue IslandWITG
Lereh AirportLereh-Papua IslandLHI
Lewoleba AirportLewoleba-Lembata IslandLWE
Long Apung AirportLong Apung-Borneo IslandLPU
Long Bawan AirportLong Bawan-Borneo IslandLBW
Long Mawang AirportLong Mawang-Borneo IslandWRLN
Lunyuk AirportLunyuk-Simbawa IslandLYK
Maimun Saleh AirportSabang-We IslandSBG
Makale AirportMakale-Celibes IslandWAAT
Mali AirportAlor IslandARD
Maliana airportMaliana-Alor IslandMPT
Malikus Saleh AirportLhok Seumawe-Sumatra IslandLSW
Malili AirportMalili-Celebes IslandWAAI
Malimpung AirportMalimpung-Celebes IslandWAAG
Malinau AirportMalinau-Borneo IslandWRLM
Mangkajang AirportMangkajang-Borneo IslandWALX
Mangole Airport, FalabisahayaMangole IslandMAL
Mangunjaya AirportMangungaya-Sumatra IslandMJY
Maranggo AirportWaha-Tomea IslandWA44
Margahayu AirportBandung-Java IslandWIAK
Masalembo AirportMasalembo IslandMSI
Maumere(Wai Oti) AirportMaumere-Flores IslandMOF
Mekar Putih AirportMekar Putih-Laut IslandWAOH
Melak AirportMelak-Borneo IslandWALE
Melangguane AirportKarakelong IslandMNA
Mena AirportMena-Timor IslandWRKJ
Menggala AirportMenggala-Sumatra IslandWIAG
Merdei AirportMerdei-Papua IslandRDE
Mindiptana AirportMindiptana-Papua IslandMDP
Moanamani AirportMoanamani-Papua IslandONI
Muara Badak Pujangan AirportMuara Badak-Borneo IslandWALQ
Muara Wahau AirportMuara Wahau-Borneo IslandWRLW
Muhammad Salahuddin AirportBima-Sumbawa IslandBMU
Muko Muko AirportMuko Muko-Sumatra IslandMPC
Mulia AirportMulia-Papua IslandLII
Muting AirportMuting-Papua IslandMUF
Naikliu AirportNaikliu-Timor IslandWRKN
Namlea AirportNamlea-Buru IslandNAM
Namrole AirportNamrole-Buru IslandNRE
Nangasuri AirportMaikoor IslandBJK
Nunukan AirportNunukan-Nunukan IslandNNX
Nusawiru AirportPangandaran-Java IslandWI1A
Obano AirportObano-Papua IslandOBD
Oesman Sadik Airport, LabuhaLabuha-Halmahera IslandLAH
Okaba AirportOkaba-Papua IslandOKQ
Oksibil AirportOksibil-Papua IslandOKL
Padhameleda AirportBajawa-Flores IslandBJW
Pagerungan AirportPagerungan Besar-Pagerungan IslandWA19
Pangkal Pinang (Depati Amir) AirportPangkal Pinang-Palaubangka IslandPGK
Parapat AirportParapat-Sumatra IslandWIMP
Pasir Pangaraan AirportPasir Pengarayan-Sumatra IslandPPR
Pelabuhan Ratu AirportPelabuhan Ratu-Java IslandWIIR
Pematang SiantarPematang Siantar-Sumatra IslandWIMR
Penggung AirportCirebon-Java IslandCBN
Pomala AirportTambea-Celebes IslandPUM
Pondok Cabe Air BaseJakartaPCB
Ponggaluku AirportWawooru-Celebes IslandWAAL
Pongtiku AirportTanah Toraja-Celebes IslandTTR
Pula Panjang AirportTjipara-Java IslandID-0003
Pulau Panjang AirportPulau Panjang-Sumatra IslandPPJ
Purwokerto AirportPurwokerto-Java IslandPWL
Radin Inten II (Branti) AirportBandar Lampung-Sumatra IslandTKG
Rokot AirportRokot-Sumatra IslandRKI
Rote AirportNamodale-Rote IslandWRKR
Roti AirportRoti-Rote IslandRTI
Rumpin AirportRumpin-Java IslandWI1C
Sampit(Hasan) AirportSampit-Borneo IslandSMQ
Sanggata AirportSanggata-Timor IslandSGQ
SANGGU Airport, BuntokBuntokWAOU
Sangir AirportSangir-Simbawa IslandSAE
Sangkulirang AirportSangkulirang-Borneo IslandWRLU
Sarmi AirportSarmi-Papua IslandZRM
Satar Tacik AirportSatar Tacik-Flores IslandRTG
Saumlaki AirportSaumlaki-Yamdena IslandSXK
Sawan AirportSawan-Bali IslandRZS
Sawu AirportSawu-Sawu IslandSAU
Selaparang AirportMataram-Lombok IslandAMI
Senggeh AirportSenggeh-Papua IslandSEH
Senggo AirportSenggo-Papua IslandZEG
Senipah AirportSenipah-Borneo IslandSZH
Serui AirportSerui-Japen IslandZRI
Seumayam AirportSeumayam-Sumatra IslandWITS
Seunagan AirportPeureumeue-Sumatra IslandMEQ
Silampari AirportLubuk Linggau-Sumatra IslandLLG
Silangit AirportTingkeum-Sumatra IslandWIMN
Simpangtiga Redelong AirportTingkeum-Sumatra IslandWI1S
Singkawang AirportSinkawang-Borneo IslandWIOI
Soroako AirportSoroako-Celebes IslandSQR
Stagen AirportLaut IslandKBU
Stenkol AirportBintuni-Papua IslandNTI
Sugimanuru AirportRaha-Muna IslandRAQ
Sultan Thaha AirportJambi-Sumatra IslandDJB
Sumbawa Besar AirportSumbawa IslandSWQ
Sungai Pakning Bengkalis AirportBengkalis-Sumatra IslandSEQ
Surabaya AirportSurabaya-Java IslandWRSP
Syamsudin Noor AirportBanjarmasin-Borneo IslandBDJ
Taliabu Island AirportTikong-Taliabu IslandTAX
Tambolaka AirportWaikabubak-Sumba IslandTMC
Tampa Padang AirportMamuju-Celebes IslandMJU
Tanah Grogot AirportTanah Grogot-Borneo IslandTNB
Tanah Merah AirportTanah Merah-Papua IslandTMH
Tanjung Balai AirportKarinmunbesar IslandTJB
Tanjung Harapan AirportTanjung Selor-Borneo IslandTJS
Tanjung Santan AirportSantan-Borneo IslandTSX
Tarempa AirportMatak IslandMWK
Tebing Tinggi AirportTabbing Tinggi-Sumatra IslandWIMT
Teminabuan AirportAtinjoe-Papua IslandTXM
Temindung AirportSamarinda-Borneo IslandSRI
Tentena AirportTentena-Celebes IslandWAMC
Teuku Cut Ali AirportTapak Tuan-Sumatra IslandTPK
Tiom AirportTiom-Papua IslandTMY
Tjilik Riwut AirportPalangkaraya-Kalimantan TengahPKY
Toli Toli AirportToli Toli-Celebes IslandTLI
Torohhiga AirportWest Java IslandsID-0006
Trunojoyo AirportSumenep-Madura IslandSUP
Tumbang Samba AirportTumbang Samba-Borneo IslandTBM
Ubrub AirportUbrub-Papua IslandUBR
Wagethe AirportWagethe-Papua IslandWET
Wahai,Seram IslandSeram IslandWAPV
Waingapu AirportWaingapu-Sumba IslandWGP
Wakde AirportMasi Masi IslandWAJD
Waren AirportCelebes IslandWABW
Waris AirportWaris-Papua IslandWAR
Wasior AirportWasior-Papua IslandWSR
Wolter Monginsidi AirportKendari-Celebes IslandKDI
Wuasa AirportWuasa-Celebes IslandWAMU
Yuruf AirportYuruf-Papua IslandRUF