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When Traveling to (unassigned), Consider Chartering a Private Jet

  When Traveling to (unassigned), Consider Chartering a Private   Jet

There are a few domestic carriers that have introduced new air planes, discount prices offerings atparticular times, and introduced some current pluses. A few of the items include affordable on board access to the internet, cabin style chairs, modifying the order we are seated and other entertainment options. Commercial air travel is still an choice, since it is what we are contented with, it is what we grew up with. Commercial air travel is sort of easier and is still a cheap way to travel rapidly. Making reservations and looking on the Internet for the cheapest prices is all quite recognizable to buyers and is still considered a normal way to fly.

Private jets are great resources for many large companies. They can use them in many ways. It could allow them to fly into very small communities that a larger plane might not be able to do. They do not have to wait for a commercial flight. They choose their own schedule, and what city they will fly into. Many businesses like the idea of owning their own craft, but do not need a jet full time. It is possible to buy into an ownership plan where the business acquires a share of the plane. They share it with other owners. They can sell their part at any time. They can use the plane for up to one hundred hours of flight time. They pay an additional monthly fee. It is much like a time share. This is the perfect situation for some businesses.

There are three types of jets that can be used for both business and pleasure.

The first type is called the Light Business Jet, and it can house four to eight people. It costs more than $2,000 per hour, and some of the examples of this type of jet are the Citation Bravo, BeechJet 400, Learjet 35, and West Wind.

Medium Type Jets are the second type of private jet planes, and it regularly has a capacity of eight to 12 people. With this type of jet, expect to pay $2,500 to $3,500 per hour. Citation X, Falcon 20, Hawker 700, and Learjet 60 are only a few examples of this type.

Lastly, Heavy Jets are the largest private jet planes around. It can hold up to 25 people, and it can cost up to $13,000 each hour to charter. Challenger 604, Boeing Business Jet, and Falcon 900 demonstrate this type.Any of these will get you to your destination city efficiently.

Large Airports in Puerto Rico

Luis Munoz Marin International Airport
Airport NameCityAirport Code
San JuanSJU

Medium Airports in Puerto Rico

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Antonio Nery Juarbe Pol AirportAreciboABO
Diego Jimenez Torres AirportFajardoFAJ
Eugenio Maria De Hostos AirportMayaguezMAZ
Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci AirportSan JuanSIG
Mercedita AirportPoncePSE
Rafael Hernandez AirportAguadillaBQN

Small Airports in Puerto Rico

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Adjuntas AirportAdjuntasPR20
Antonio Rivera Rodriguez AirportVieques IslandVQS
Benjamin Rivera Noriega AirportCulebra IslandCPX
Boqueron AirportLas PiedrasPR07
Cullingford FieldBoqueronPR24
Cuylers AirportVega Baja02PR
Dorado Beach AirportDoradoDDP
Fort Allen AirportPotala PastilloPR-0002
Humacao AirportHumacaoHUC
Jose Aponte de la Torre AirportCeibaRVR
Labadle AirportAceitunasPR-0003
Lajas AirparkLajasPR25
Mona AirportMona IslandPR-0001
Palmas del Mar AirstripPalmas del MarPPD
Patillas AirportPatillasX64
Santa Isabel AirportSanta IsabelPR27
Vieques AirportVieques IslandVQS

Seaplane Bases in Puerto Rico

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Fajardo Harbor Seaplane BaseFajardoPR03
San Juan Seaplane BaseSan JuanPR34