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Mielec Airport Charter Flights and Air Charter Service

International Air Charter is able to handle all of your air charter services to or from Mielec Airport. We will make sure that the flight you pick is the right one for you. The staff we use has years of experience in the air charter industry and will be sure that the flight you choose to or from Mielec Airport is the right one for you.

Mielec Airport Information

Location: , Poland

Type: Small Airport

Scheduled Service: No


Elevation: 548 Feet

Latitude: 50.3223

Longitude: 21.4621

Runways at Mielec Airport

Mielec Airport has 2 runways.

1 2165 Feet82 FeetCONNo
2 8187 Feet148 FeetCONNo

Radio Frequencies

Mielec Airport utilizes the following radio frequencies.

1 AFISTEST119.100
2 INFOINFO123.350

When Traveling to Mielec Airport, Consider the Convenience of Chartering a Jet

Commercial airlines, because of whines of stranded travelers are revising their computer programming systems. Domestic flights are complying to congressional initiatives to make a passenger complaint hotline to keep travelers informed on delays. These plans also are to make sure that flyers left on the ground for extended periods of time, have restroom access, water, food and prompt medical attention as required. Commercial airlines have made huge steps to fill jets with people, by stunting the quantities of jets in use and filling all chairs on those planes that are flying. Beacause of this, commercial carriers have upped the number of seats on departing flights. More initiated DOT rules have allowed commercial airlines to raise compensation for flyers who were no allowed boarding on flights that were over booked. Additionally, travelers can get a full refund within 24 hours of buying a ticket, and a reimbursement of luggage prices and reimbursement costs when baggage is not surrendered punctually. With these advancements, commercial airline travel has noticed an increase in on time flights.

An additional handsome feature for private aircraft flying is privacy. When you charter a private jet, basically, you have rented that jet for your personal travel. Private plane charters affords the flexibility to make your own schedule, thusly, highly lowering your travel time. In response to the popularity of private aircraft flying, airports in the United States and around the globe, have parking reservations for private craft.

  When Traveling to Mielec Airport, Consider the Convenience of   Chartering a Jet

Making use of a private plane only means that you get to be in charge of your own trip while traveling. This is also the best way of getting into control and handling your travel requirements. When you have a flight booked you will also get to decide how you will be traveling, the destination city and traveling in class, comfort and luxury. You will come to realize how wonderful it is to travel on a private jet only when you go through the stress and nightmares of a commercial aircraft.

There is an overwhelming number of private planes on the market today. Most people who fly private jets do not own their jet, but charter their ride. However, before looking into chartering a ride, a person needs to know what their options are. There are four main styles: executive piston and turboprop, light executive jets, midsized executive jets, and heavy jets.

Piston and turboprop jets are ideal for small groups traveling on business. They are not recommended for people traveling extended distances and are some of smaller jets on the market. Light executive jets permit privacy and are a step up from the piston and turboprop. The interiors are still nice but they are not going to be the highest overall quality. When traveling in large groups you are going to need the midsized executive jet or the larger heavy jets. Both of these are very luxurious and have the space for large parties. These jets will permit for longer traveling distances to your destination airport compared to the smaller versions.

Private plane hires also conform to the highest safety rules of the FAA. Private jet carriers actually go beyond their FAA safety laws. Each nation private jet is qualified under FAA regulations and every pilot is veteran, having a minimum of 5,000 flights hours, which goes beyonf the FAA requirements. Many private plane charters also can carry from 4 to 400 passengers. In numerous cases, people for a business or private aircraft hire, may walk or are driven right to the plane's doorway. They are allowed to board their flight without having to be being frisked or needing to go through a metal detector.Although, the airline market statistics stress that private aircraft security has a great record, because of impending its own stringent security rules.