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EDS Protection


EDS Protection is a 'prevention' driven service comprised of a team of professionally trained personnel who provide a number of close personal, villa & event security services that will ensure your personal safety whilst you are based on the French Riviera Cote D’Azur or whilst you are elsewhere around the globe.

Whether to protect your employees, family or yourself, EDS can provide a number of unique services to safeguard any number of situations that you may find yourself in whilst in public or in private.

Their services are tailored to your needs and require detailed analysis of your situation to ensure their personnel provide the best service possible. You can discuss your situation and perceived needs with their executives in complete confidence and without obligation via email or phone.

EDS offers an extensive array of services, but should your needs not be mentioned below please contact them to discuss your individual situation.

    * Close Protection Services

    * Residential Security

    * Yacht & Maritime Security

    * Prestige Event Security

    * Security Drivers

    * Trace Detection

    * Threat Assessment

    * Private Investigations

Direct Cell: +33 (0)6 86 35 11 23