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Bell Long Ranger

augusta 109

The Bell Long Ranger is a lightweight helicopter with a 665km range. The current model in production is the Bell 206L. It has a Rolls-Royce Allison engine that provides a reliable power solution. The transmission has a 325 kilowatt take-off power and 275 kilowatt continual power rating. This helicopter is perfect for transporting people.

The large body will accommodate up to seven people and two pilots. This makes it valuable to corporations. Being able to transport a small group of people is an essential function for many corporations. Offshore operations, moving between large cities, and transport from remote locations to large airports are all logistics that corporations struggle to overcome. The Bell Long Ranger can meet this need easily.

This model is also a favorite of charter companies. The companies are able to take more people per trip than previous models, maximizing profits. Whether doing air tours, or transfers, the comfort of the cab is appreciated by passengers. There is sufficient cabin room that everyone is comfortable.

These helicopters are often modified to suit medical and police operations. The extended cab can be modified to create a medical transport helicopter. It can hold two patients on stretchers and two seated medical personnel. The lightweight design makes it easy to land in awkward places. The same holds true for police operations. With a few modifications, the Bell Long Ranger can meet a number of different needs. In addition, the forward passenger seat folds down to make room for long loads.

The cockpit has a Microline avionics suite, made by Rockwell Collins as well as dual communications and navigation. So it can be piloted by just one person. The low-skidding landing gear can be replaced with a high-skid gear or flotation gear. The cargo hook can hold up to 907kg. Overall the Bell Long Ranger Helicopter is a terrific passenger vehicle that can be easily modified to meet the customer’s needs. The ability to modify the aircraft makes it very desirable.

Bell Long Ranger Interior

Bell Long Ranger Interior